Outstanding Multicultural Marketers Awards
The Outstanding Multicultural Marketers of the Year award recognizes extraordinary health marketers who drive innovation and work towards better patient health outcomes among the key multicultural populations in America. This award is for elite marketers from pharmaceutical companies, OTC manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, hospitals/healthcare facilities, and insurance companies. Marketers are selected based on actual accomplishments, influence on future brand/product launches or campaigns, or recognized contributions and service to patients as well as the consumer healthcare industry. Industry-wide nominations are collected, rigorously examined, and narrowed down to the final group of Outstanding Multicultural Marketers. Each year’s class includes representatives from a variety of industry sectors with a broad range of DTC responsibilities.

The Outstanding Marketers are honored during a special ceremony during our MCH National Conference.

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Multicultural Healthcare Marketing Awards
The Multicultural Health Marketing Awards are designed to recognize communication excellence in a field with multiple constituencies, varying needs, and significant challenges. The Ad Awards showcase exemplary work spanning multiple media and target various key multicultural segments in America. Categories may change slightly year to year to reflect the evolution of our industry. Entries are judged by the DTC Perspectives’ editorial and executive teams. Gold, Silver and Bronze awards are presented in each category at a special ceremony during our MCH National Conference.

Finalists will be notified in late August with the award winners being revealed at a special ceremony during our MCH National Conference.

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