Allyson Jacobsen, ChenMed

How AI, Hyperautomation, and Augmented Reality are Powering Healthcare Marketing

April 21, 2022 4:45 pm - 5:30 pm

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Allyson Jacobsen

There is key technology available today that can greatly improve healthcare marketing effectiveness. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Hyperautomation, and Augmented Reality (AR) are 3 leading technologies that are elevating marketing strategies to better promote healthcare solutions to B2B and B2C customers. AI can be leveraged to build smarter marketing strategies and improve the effectiveness of the customer lifecycle at every step. Hyperautomation leverages the use of AI to automate processes that can greatly improve efficiency within a marketing context. Lastly, AR gives an immersive experience that can be used at trade shows and other onsite events to drive traffic and engage an audience in a new way.


This has never been more important, than within the healthcare and patient space.  There are endless opportunities as we think about virtual visits, educating our patients, and reducing their hospital sick days.  Effective, efficient, and accurate marketing outreach, coupled with the right messages and opportunities can dramatically improve healthcare profitability and patient wellness.