Amina Colter, Edelman Jackeline Stewart-Hawkins, Edelman

The Unspoken Curriculum: Shedding Light on What Goes Unsaid in Schools, But Never Unlearned

ST. GEORGE A&B April 20, 2022 11:15 am - 12:00 pm

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Jackeline Stewart-Hawkins
Amina Colter

As Black families grappled with the impacts of COVID-19, grieved the deaths of countless Black people at the hands of the police, and managed the anxiety of their children returning to in-person learning, the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation (BLHF) set out to confront the devastating impact of racism in the classroom on Black students. Edelman approached BLHF about creating a powerful campaign, during Mental Health Awareness Month 2021, that would advance a dialogue among Black students, families, and the broader community to dispel the stigma of mental health and empower youth and young adults to openly share how they are feeling and seek support.