Danielle Washington, Sanofi Eirasmin Lokpez-Cobo, Republica Havas Health Paloma Correa, Republica Havas Health Vanessa Bolanos, Republica Havas Health

Enjoying More With Less Asthma: A Multicultural Asthma Case Study by Dupixent

Staffordshire April 19, 2023 2:45 pm - 3:30 pm

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Paloma Correa
Eirasmin Lokpez-Cobo
Danielle Washington
Vanessa Bolanos

Sanofi & Regeneron partnered with Republica Havas Health to address health equity through a first-to-market culturally-relevant approach that yielded a Top DTC Marketer of the Year award for Sanofi’s Danielle Washington.

Together, they identified unique barriers that impact underserved Hispanic asthma patients and launched an integrated program to build meaningful relationships and help them along their journey.