Tatyana Tsinberg headshotTatyana Tsinberg
Vice President, Cross Therapeutic Area Brand Lead

Tatyana Tsinberg is Vice President, Cross-Therapeutic Area Brand Lead at Pfizer, where she oversees a number of leading brands and commercial strategies.  Under Tatyana’s leadership, Pfizer has been able to effectively reach broad groups of patients and other healthcare stakeholders who are managing some of the most widespread health conditions, including smoking, erectile dysfunction, overactive bladder, prostate cancer, and others.  Creating and driving innovative and engaging programs in these areas, she has enhanced Pfizer’s reach to millions of patients in need.

Before embarking on her career in pharma, Tatyana held roles in investment banking at Lehman Brothers and brand management at Kraft Foods, where she led marketing efforts for products like Altoids and Life Savers.

Since joining Pfizer, Tatyana has had the pleasure of leading commercial efforts for some of the most iconic pharmaceutical brands in the industry including VIAGRA, CHANTIX, Detrol LA, Eliquis, and Zoloft.  From the moment she sat behind the glass wall of her first patient focus group, she has been driven by her passion to uncover new customer insights: What prevents individuals from seeking treatment for diseases that so deeply impact their lives? How can we better connect them with solutions that might transform their healthcare experience?  These are the questions – and the passions – that have marked Tatyana’s pharmaceutical journey from its inception.

Tatyana leads the way collaboratively, inspiring others to share her vision.  She takes great pride in building the highest performing teams, growing talent, and developing disruptive business strategies that drive brand growth and benefit the patients who stand at the center.

Tatyana has a BA from Columbia University and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

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