Shannon Mitchell, Merck

Shannon Mitchell, Merck

Associate Director, US Media and Integration

A graduate of Drexel University in Communications & Film, Shannon embarked to Manhattan for a journey in Beauty & CPG, working for direct selling, mass and luxury brands with Avon, Conair and LaPrairie.  As the Brand Marketing Director for Scunci, a hair accessory brand owned by Conair, she gave the brand a complete facelift across packaging, owned, earned and paid media channels; leading the brand to market leadership.  After having her first child, appreciating how critical healthcare was, she knew she wanted to gain experience in a new industry helping to impact a patient’s life.  Since joining Merck Media team in 2017, she has had experience working on Nexplanon, Belsomra, and Keytruda.  With the growing success of Keytruda, she was dedicated to fully support the brand continue driving e media performance, audience strategies and the ability to leverage new data partnerships to reach as many potential patients as possible.  More recently, in a newly formed Media Integration role, she is synergizing our HCP and HCC portfolio to accelerate outcomes.  Intersecting her passion with retail + healthcare, she was thrilled to join the POC3 Industry Advisory Council in 2019 and honored to receive MM&Ms 40 Under 40 in 2021.

The “Kodak-Moment” Dodge: Brand Marketing in a Post-Pandemic World


Pharma brand marketing is being challenged to respond in innovative ways or risk facing a “Kodak moment.” For competitive survival, marketers must embrace creative fear to find relevant and effective new ways to engage with consumers. Digital innovation requires navigating the healthcare ecosystem across all platforms, including points of care.