Katie Baldwin, Pfizer

Katie Baldwin, Pfizer

Director, Consumer Marketing US COVID-19 Vaccine

Katie Baldwin is the Director, Consumer Marketing US COVID-19 Vaccine at Pfizer.  Katie’s responsibilities include unbranded consumer strategy, campaigns and partnerships to drive COVID-19 vaccination uptake.  Katie led the first national TV ad for Covid-19 vaccination in Dec 2021, called “Pursuit of Normal”, that draws connection between Pfizer’s role in the pandemic, enabling people to return to more normal lives with vaccinations.  She is responsible for all the unbranded advertising, as well as several high profile sponsorships and activations to reach out core target, including a 2022 Times Square New Year’s Eve takeover, the sponsorship of the 2022 Oscars, the Brooklyn Nets NBA team and the NCAA Southeastern Conference for football and basketball.

Katie joined Pfizer in May 2021 after over 15 years in the advertising agency world.   In her last agency role, Katie oversaw the consumer health group at Wunderman Thompson New York, leading client business across OTC and pharma, and previously partnering with Pfizer over 5 years across Prevnar13 and Lyrica.

Katie holds a B.S. in Communication from Boston University and an MBA from Loyola University Chicago.  She lives in Westport, CT with her husband Geoff and two boys, Graham and Harrison, and enjoys kayaking and yoga.

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