Kathryn Ticknor Robinson, inVibe Labs

Kathryn Ticknor Robinson, inVibe Labs

Head of Research

As inVibe’s Head of Research, Kathryn Ticknor Robinson helps clients achieve their goals by first asking the right questions – and then listening like a linguist.

As a sociolinguist, Kathryn has experience in a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Her expertise is in analyzing the messy, unstructured, natural language people use to interact with one another every day.

With 10+ years experience in the healthcare sector, Kathryn has partnered with clients across the industry, including top-100 life science companies, government agencies, and hospital systems.


How a Revolutionary Approach to Market Research has Transformed Pharma Brand Engagement


Some of the most advanced digital tools and methodologies used by Big Tech are revolutionizing market research for healthcare. Current traditional approaches and tools used to understanding the patient experience can leave gaps, preventing a marketing team from fully hearing the patient’s voice. But thanks to a unique combination of innovative technology and human-powered analytics, […]

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