Dave Paragamian, Health Monitor Network

Dave Paragamian, Health Monitor Network


Dave is currently CEO of Health Monitor, a leading targeted healthcare marketing platform company, and a founding member company of the Point of Care Marketing Association.

Prior to joining Health Monitor, Dave has 25+ years’ experience in healthcare marketing and advertising, having led major global agencies as President at both Publicis and Havas networks. He also has experience on the client-side, as a Procter and Gamble-trained brand marketer, and spent 5 years as head of sales and marketing for Roche Diagnostics.

Dave is an adjunct faculty member at St Joseph’s University graduate school of business, where he teaches both marketing and sales management courses to MBA students.

The “Kodak-Moment” Dodge: Brand Marketing in a Post-Pandemic World


Pharma brand marketing is being challenged to respond in innovative ways or risk facing a “Kodak moment.” For competitive survival, marketers must embrace creative fear to find relevant and effective new ways to engage with consumers. Digital innovation requires navigating the healthcare ecosystem across all platforms, including points of care.