Keynote Address: Renaissance of Human Care: The Longing for Lost Interactions


We’ve lost sight of care: care of ourselves, care of our loved ones and friends, the care that we receive and the real care that we need. Two years since the pandemic outbreak, we keep hearing about the acceleration of tech adoption in healthcare. However, our new outlook on care cannot be limited to a broader set of services and devices. During the same time, a new set of consumer expectations has emerged, redefining what should be involved in care and how health brands should create both empathy and a more accessible and supportive experience. Using findings from dentsu’s latest consumer sentiment Navigator, this keynote will address:

  • The health brand attributes that inform decision making at the inflection points of our transformative experiences of care
  • Consumer attitudes towards the tech enablement of the care journey
  • A new outlook on how different players in the health ecosystem need to show up to transform care by enriching consumers’ lives