Doing More with Less: Leveraging Predictive Modeling & an Omnichannel Approach to Immerse a Small Market for Big Results


For select rare conditions, it can be a challenge for marketers to reach the small yet valuable pool of potential condition suffers within traditional digital and non-digital channels without accepting a large percentage of wasted spend due to traditional targeting limitations. Learn how the brand and agency team for this debilitating autoimmune disease, affecting just 15,000-20,000 patients per year, overcame the waste-equation by focusing on a push-pull approach; leveraging sophisticated modeling techniques to find and target only the best candidates with unbranded condition messaging within an integrated Omnichannel mix, then identifying qualified leads and pulling them through into a branded experience. With a focus on the quality of the audience vs the broad reach of traditional media, the team was able to efficiently integrate direct mail within the mix as a highly personal and “sticky” medium, and then surround the same audience with online exposures, creating a truly “surround-sound” approach. Finally, pulling qualified online and offline leads through to integrated branded follow up experience helped solidify more meaningful patient-doctor conversations.