No More Monoliths: Hispanic Health in the New Majority America


The New Majority America is here, and Hispanics are a key driver of multicultural population growth and cultural influence. Traditional Hispanic healthcare marketing has relied on a “one size fits all” approach, translating patient materials into Spanish to check the box on serving the needs of Hispanic patients and their care partners. It’s past time for marketing efforts to go beyond translation and more authentically serve this key population segment. Efforts to date have been hampered by the lack of health and Pharma related insights that are both broad enough to drive understanding of overall Hispanic health attitudes and behaviors, and specific enough to illuminate the nuances of multi-faceted Hispanic identity.


In this session, we will delve into revealing, new research findings which explore the health attitudes and behaviors of Hispanic audiences, with a focus on intersectionality, using a multiphase approach combining qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Join us for a candid conversation about Hispanic health today and learn how marketers can more effectively meet the needs of this 60 million+ community that has been historically underserved by the healthcare community and healthcare marketers.