Mesmerize is a media company dedicated to connecting people to valuable information, resources and tools that empower them to proactively manage their health and improve their sense of well-being. We enhance people’s lives through education, enrichment and entertainment that helps them realize the best version of themselves. We do this through point-of-care media, transit media and place-based media opportunities so you can reach consumers at multiple touchpoints along their out-of-home (OOH) journey.

Mesmerize’s point-of-care footprint is the nation’s largest provider of static media in medical offices, pharmacies, and community-based organizations.  The addition of state-of-the art digital TV screens within the past year complements and reinforces Mesmerize’s standard static messaging and allows advertisers to engage consumers through multiple touchpoints.  As a leader in patient education since 2006, Mesmerize continues to deliver brands directly to patients throughout their medical journey from the waiting room, to the exam room, and again at the pharmacy.  Our media stimulates patients to discuss brands directly with their physicians and pharmacists while providing the coveted implied endorsement of the healthcare professional.  Mesmerize’s growing network of over 60,000 medical practitioners is segmented by specialty, catering to our clients’ specific target audiences by health condition and prescribing habits.